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That took some doing

Enter at your own risk!
Enter at your own risk!

After pondering about what to do with my photograph collection, I finally found the solution. As it is, I have my usual Flickr feed, my main blog at harisrahman.com, my photograph suppository at SmugMug with its mirror website, which was a pain to maintain. I really could to with a place where I just dump the photographs after it had been developed and hope that the system would do the rest.

With this current solution, it was not as straight forward as that, but close enough. I didn't have to think about resizing, one size fit all. It had the feed from my Flickr and Instagram built in, as well as some blog space for entries such as this, and other more pertinent to photography. 

I still use my main blog to post, and you would probably see some duplication going on here and there.

So, here we go, and wish me luck!