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KLPF 2014 Discoveries


The main part of the festival for me personally was the personal work exhibits scattered around the hall. I could always go to the shops to look at cameras, but for exhibits, it was not often I could see this many. There were so many talented photographers around, both in terms of idea and execution. 

One thing which stuck on my mind was the quality of the printing. Some of them were pretty awesome but the size of the printouts were too small to be enjoyed. Maybe it was the cost. I understood from one of my friends who had his work shown, all his printing was sponsored by Fuji, but the size of the printed work would never make a gallery show. As if Fuji was not putting in the funding whole-heartedly. I would happily paid to see those work - the exhibition was free. 

Another thing I noticed was a lack of sitting area. A cafe or two would have been nice. I don't think it was against the exhibition hall regulations since on the previous occasions I went there, there were cafe and stalls strewn across the area. After walking around for a couple of hours, I wouldn't mind having a sit down reading the handouts the stalls passed as I walked by. 

On a more positive note, the amount of area dedicated for the exhibits should be lauded. The number of talks and topics covered were also pretty decent. I sat to listen to one of the speakers. Clearly he was enjoying his time on stage, taking us through his work. It was more a talk on motivation and inspiration than just technique. 

Panasonic had their own stage - with great production value I must add - next to their booth. I wouldn't mind sitting through a talk about studio lighting, but unfortunately my timing was off. 

One thing caught my eye was a portable flying camera system, controlled via remote. The camera would be mounted on a hovering craft, able to travel about 200 meters at a decent height. Was not exactly stealthy, but an interesting innovation ... It was selling for around RM4000.

During the walk, I bumped into old friends and we talked about how there festival was to them this time. Most agree that the gallery was good, but the vendors should have made more effort to really offer us something extra. Both in terms of deals and discovery of their new hardware. As it was, I felt like it was merely a glorified shop front. Minus any special offers ....

Still I would definitely be coming again to visit next year's chapter. I felt that it was my duty to keep shows like this going. The quality could have definitely be better and hopefully we would start to see exclusive products which were hard to find in the shops. Well, at least that was my wish .....

Haris Abdul Rahman