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Let's do the #WWPW2015


It's that time of the year again. It's the reunion time!

Since 2009, we had been congregating in town for a photowalk and to be honest it was not that much of the walk but the company. Some of the walkers I had hardly seen in a year and today we get together for breakfast before launching ourselves to the mercy of the weather and traffic to what is known as the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk.

The obligatory group photo to start the day of course after filling our collective bellies with teh tarik.

The route this year verges towards Petaling Street and one hope that there would be none of the nonesence from our local ikan bakar mogul to spoil the day! The weather forcast? Not that great! But again, it was the getting together which was the ain thing.

I have already got my gear ready. I will be taking my A7R mark II and the Ricoh GR, plus my iPhone as well as my Fenix 3 for photo geolocation! Everything charged up! The social media account streamlined. Clinic cancelled. Now it was time for the morning rounds! ANd the sun has yet to come up! 

Let's go!

Haris Abdul Rahman