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Apple Event


It's becoming almost a tradition now. Anita's birthday followed by Apple announcement. A birthday present for her, followed by a present for me! And this year's announcement did not show anything unexpected although there are three things worth mentioning. 

First, the new camera for the iPhone. On the new iPhone 6S, Apple finally caught up with the competitors in terms of photo resolution was concerned. I was never that bothered with megapixels, but to see the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge camera trumping the iPhone hinted that something need to be done. 

The new snapper shipped with a 12MP sensor. But it wasn't just the size of the sensors, it's the technology behind it, the Apple secret sauce. Being an avid photographer, I value the mobility and simplicity of the smartphone camera very much. I have toiled with the latest iPhone and Samsung's offerings as well as the Lumia 940 as well as the BlackBerry Z10 which camera was often under appreciated. 

So far, the Samsung was on top. Let's see how Apple upped its game. 

Another couple of weeks or so. At a Low Yat near you.  

Another couple of weeks or so. At a Low Yat near you.  

The second, was the iPad Pro. I have always felt that eventually a desktop-sized tablet would be in the market. Samsung had the 10.9 inch tablet, so was the Nexus series. And there are plenty of use-case scenario, coupled with the dedicated stylus - sorry, Apple Pencil - it could prove very useful in my clinic and for photo editing.

The keyboard was also a welcomed addition as since I had been using a keyboard with my tablet, it had transformed my productivity. Especially useful for attending conference although I doubt that the iPad Pro is mobile. At least it has a built-in LTE chip. 

Late point was Apple TV. I had been using it for the last 4 years using a US account. I used it to watch the latest miniseries as well as movies. The latest Apple TV looked at disrupting the console market with many games and a Wii-like controller making playing social games enjoyable. You can also use your iPhone and iPad Touch as controller as well to join in. This is going to be big as you could download games on line from the App Store with close integration with the rest of Apple ecology. 

All in all, it was one of those announcements well worth staying up for. I was expecting a new Mac Mini, but the new Apple TV might just beat that. No new standard iPad to replace the Air 2. But Anita had already asked me to get her the new iPad Mini. But before that, let's see how much of an upgrade the new WatchOS was going to be. It would certainly opened up the real potential of the watch. 

Haris Abdul Rahman