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KL in Mono

Capturing photos in monochrome allowed one to concentrate on the contrast of the captures, leaving away the worry of colour balance and distraction. Some may say that it was an easy way out. It was if you got an eye for the shots. I have used many mono conversion applications in the past - with Silver Efex Pro from Nik springing to mind.

In the era of smartphones, the Leica-tuned P10 was a winner. I had been using the mono effect almost consistently - since the phone had a separate 20 MP mono sensor built in. The results, with some minimum tweaking had always brought a smile to my face.

Last month, I decided to go around time only carrying the phone. I was snapping away and just using apps on the phone to edit after. I would then upload straight only my flickr feed. It was a revelation. That inspired me to open a new instagram account ....