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Decorations at Pavilion

When it came to festivities, Pavilion was always tops with the decorations. This Hari Raya, it was no exception. The theme was not very clear, but I saw many stars about. And of course some pelita - the traditional Malay lantern.

The decorations started from the Bukit Bintang entrace, leading straight to main lobby. There were stalls there as usual, with a small stage for shows.

I was there on a Sunday, and the place was packed! Luckily I parked at Low Yat - having been doing some shopping there before walking across as the weather was nice. I also get o try my new wode-angle zoom for the CL - a Super-Vario-Elmar.

Apart from the decorations, there were not much happening then. I did not hang around for too long as I had to do more shopping after.