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That Certain Something

When it comes to shooting with a Leica, there was always that particular something with the snaps. That almost magical separation of background and foreground was just difficult to describe. People called this bokeh, but with a Leica lens, there is an ethereal quality to that.

Modern cameras and smartphones had algorithms to recreate this, but it almost looked fake. Nothing could replace the real thing. And having an afternoon in town with Leica rangefinder and a summilux lens gives you that great buzz.

Despite been using my medium format in the last few outings, I returned to the rangefinder set up on the previous few outings. I must say that the experience was completely different since I bought an electronic viewfinder - the EVF-2. It gave a different dimension to my snaps, allowing me to not worry about focusing since my eyesight is not perfect.

The electronic viewfinder also allowed me to be in control with the depth of field, the exposure and the white balance. Before this, I tended to bracket my shots at different exposure compensation since the camera tended to underexpose. Not anymore with my new setup. I was able to get better snaps, and the setup time was also sorter and the snaps more controlled.

All in all, I can never go back to the rangefinder without the viewfinder attached. It was not just for the focusing, but to get more control of the snaps. And for those who wanted to invest in one, it was well worth the upgrade ...