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Free Flickr

Free Flickr! Yahoo!

Free Flickr! Yahoo!

There had been a few changes in Yahoo! since Marissa Meyer took over at the helm. The Yahoo! Mail had been upgraded. They still used Bing search, but at least they now realised the gem in their possession, Flickr! It could have been Instagram if Yahoo played their cards right five years ago. Certainly it needed fresh impetus and at least now Yahoo! is taking the brand more seriously.

I have had the Pro account for 4 years now at least. it forms one of my repositories - the main one was still SmugMug. It was kinda fun uploaded photos from my bobile on the go. It also had a very strong community driving it through. The fellow user were generally very supportive of each other, and often held meeting in real live. In fact, I had made plenty of friends through the local chapter, KLickr.

For Xmas - or possibly celebrating the apocalype - Yahoo! was offering its Pro users free 3-month extension to their subscription. All you had to do was sign in, look for the banner at the top of your home screen, and walla. After a couple of clicks, your account is extended. Enjoy!