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First Look at the RX1

The RX1. Looks like a handsome camera.

The RX1. Looks like a handsome camera.

After the Leica S 2 sent my head spinning, I visited the Sony Center at Suria and for the first time handled the new RX1. This is a full frame digital compact. Not really a compact as it was the size of my X-Pro with the 18mm lens attached.

This camera has a Carl Zeiss optic attaches to it - a 35mm f2 prime variant. No changeable lens though. It is permanently attached. But as lenses go, this appeared to be a sweet one. And the price tag? RM9990! OMG! This a premium compact if there was one.

Although not as expensive as the Leica M system, coming from Sony, this is expensive. The reviews I read had been rather mixed, with a rather disappointing low light performance despite the sensor size.

It was also not exactly compact. The lens does not retract inwards, and the package on the whole was a bulky one. Not exactly pocketable as is its little sister, the famed RX100. I have yet to see a real review from a user in the field, so I would reserve my judgement on this little gadget, but when it was first announced, I did have high hopes for this camera. As much as I did with my current camera, the Fujifilm X-Pro1. I wasn't exactly looking for replacement as the camera produce superb photos, the kind that I wanted, but it was always nice to know what was on offer. I felt that Sony may soon be doing some tinkering with this one, and would be releasing a version 2 of this promising camera soon ....... Watch this space.