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KL Orchid Garden

One of the neat thing with the new E-M1 was the bright and responsive electronic viewfinder. Coupled with the Pro standard zoom which I bought with it, manual focusing was a joy with the full-time zoom capability. 

It was possible to get some really nice close-ups, and I felt that manual focussing trumped the autofocus in this situation, especially doing some still life macro works. And KL Orchid Garden provided me with ample targets to train my lens. 

The hot weather and lack of rain however had changed the garden. They were clearly struggling to provide any nice spectacles. Even though orchids did not need much water, the lack of moisture in the air must've played havoc with them. 

As a result, I spent most of my afternoon visit there snapping at other things but flowers. There were still plenty to snap at, though those colourful orchids would've been grand. 

They must be really desperate that even the entrance fees were scrapped. We used to have to pay some token amount to get in during weekends. It was free last Sunday. And the place were empty as well. I used to remember that it used to be full of newlywed having their wedding photographs taken there. 

How times had changed. Hopefully when the rain returns, the situation would improve. I wonder how the hot weather had affected the butterfly park .... maybe I should give that a go one of these days ....