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Return to Bird Park

Back when I was in Government Service, the work week only stretched from Monday to Friday. I used to enjoy taking strolls on Saturday afternoon, either with the boys or just with my camera. 

One of my favourite place to visit was the KL Bird Park. So much so that the boys even had their birthdays held there few years back. A fun place to hold one, even if it was raining. 

But on my stop there yesterday with my brand new camera, a couple of things were missing. The rain and the birds. 

It had been hot since the turn of the year. This may have affected the park, as the place seemed somewhat empty. Even the parrot and tropical birds abertoir seemed deserted. There were a few birds but they were not roaming freely. The whole place felt too hot and sticky. 

In some areas, there were more monkeys than bird. It it seemed like it. 

A few peacocks were walking around but even they looked depressed. Only a few species thrived there, but it was boring after a while just snapping their photos. The flamingo pool also felt dry. Maybe it was too hot even for them. 

The owls? They seemed bored in their cages. Well, I would give the park the benefit of the doubt. I shall blame this squarely on the lack of rain. Because I refuse to believe that the park had deteriorated over the years. 

Would return when the rain is back. Because I missed those colourful birds ...

Haris Abdul Rahman