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Litely Impressive

Taken using the app while waiting for the boys coming home from their Quran class

Taken using the app while waiting for the boys coming home from their Quran class

I read on the net about a new photography app on the iOS called Litely. Similar to VSCO to be honest, a filter to enhance your photo, to make them less digital, embracing that hipster feel, but not to the extend of lomographic fidelity which oftentimes may appear fake. 

The filter were more subtle. In fact, it was kore like using different film emulation from the pre-digital days. The enhancement were impressive and the fact that there weren't that many dials to mess around with, using it was more straight forward. 

There were a few problems though as the GPS location was not embedded into the JPEG files, necessitating some post-uploading changes on Flickr if you're into those kind of stuff - which I do. 

I use the app to snap, do the enhancement and exported the JPEG files staring into camera+ app for cropping and addition of border. I then used Flickit Pro to upload to Flickr. Tedious but it appeared to be sound. 

Certainly the results appeared better compared to doing filtration on the computer as part of post-production when it came to effect. I ended up paying for the in-app enhancements for extra filters. The main app - downloaded for free only contain less than 10 filters. You could then purchase three batches of a dozen filter at around 2 USD to complete the collection. Trust me, they were worth it!

Would definitely be using the app in the coming weeks. GPS embedding would be a welcomed change. 


Haris Abdul Rahman