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Happy Birthday Flickr


It had been a long Sunday. Globally, today was famously inducted as Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you as the saying went. 

But in the Photographer enthusiast community, this weeks marked the tenth anniversary of Flickr. It was celebrated worldwide with what photographers loved to do, a group photowalk. 

KLickr joined in the festivities by conducting its own photowalk. We decided to explore Brickfields this time around. 

Hot and sunny although it didn't looked like it when I was driving to start my ward round first thing this morning. I was done by half eight and drove to KLCC to park my car, later taking the LRT to Sentral to join the crowd. The starting point was the brand new shopping mall next to the terminal called Nu Sentral. Swanky!

I reached the meeting point just after 10, settling in for a quick breakfast. Soon the group swelled and it was time to start the walk. The customary group photo was around 60. Not a bad crowd at all. 

Hot weather indeed and the whole group congregated for lunch just after noon. But not before I snapped around 250 frames. 

I wished that it was more of a guided walk as there were plenty of scene to be taken in then. Plenty to discover as Brickfields was full of history and at the rate the development around there were going, the place would soon change. 

As for now, it was certainly an enjoyable walk. And a great company to boot. Will blog more after I got the photographs in post-development. 

Haris Abdul Rahman