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The Replacement


My Zeppelin Air has packed up in the last few months. We enquired about repairs, but the service available locally was pretty limited and it would take a couple of weeks to get feedback. To make matters worst, it was still using the old iPhone connector rather than lightning. It was of a previous generation.

We had been mulling over its replacement for quite some time. Initially I wanted to go with a Sonos system. It lacked AirPlay capability, and the sound coming from it was rather tinny to say the least. It needed a separate subwoofer for it to really sing.

I auditioned the Bose system last month, and was quite smitten. It was a wifi streaming system and it would suit our apartment nicely. There was also a satellite unit with a built-in rechargeable battery that can be placed anywhere in the apartment as long as it could be reached by a wifi network. That would be for Anita's use.

My children were not into music yet, but should they be, we just need to buy some new units and connect them into the network. It would be expandable.

Setting up was much easier than I thought, and once hooked up, it seemed to be pretty stable. Not much to tweak in terms of sound quality. The bass was really booming, and I would need to place it properly in the room. It filled up our main bedroom with music effortlessly, although the bass could be overwhelming in the expense of the midrange. 

Haris Abdul Rahman