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The Annoucement


So, the alarm went off at 1 am, and I straight away jumped off the bed, hit the desktop and started opening the stream. Apple got their big announcement eh!

But the streaming connection was awful. I thought maybe it was the network. Got upstairs, flipped open my iPad and tried both wifi and LTE. Still the streaming was bad, and often connection stopped. On a couple of occasions, I got kicked out of Safari on the iPad.

Obviously too many people tuned in, and Apple just couldn't cope with that amount of people on at the same time.

Luckily the stream became steady just at the time Tim Cook announced the iPhone 6 - and obviously the 6 plus. Verdict? Definitely going to get one.

And then, the talk was about the Apple Pay, which I doubt going to hit our shores any time soon. I thought that was the end of that.

And then came the classic "one more thing" moment, a la Steve Jobs.

It was clear that Apple had invested great effort in their new class of products. As when the iPad was initially announced, there was a lot of skepticism. But the products needed to be experienced before one could make any conclusions. It looked promising, but judging from other wearables I have seen so far, it would require a leap of faith. And if any company were to implement such a thing, it could only be Apple.

It looked like I would be putting in an order for both the 6 plus and Apple Watch soon ....

And now, it was time to catch some sleep .... Good morning ....

Haris Abdul Rahman