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The New Tablet

First snap from the tablet 

First snap from the tablet 

  After a couple of years, my Nexus tablet finally given up the ghost. I need a tablet of similar size as it fit well into my lab coat. The iPad was just too big and I carry one in my bag anyway. An iPad Mini on the other hand just didn't make sense. I need android some of the time. Apps that the iOS just didn't have.

So, in came the Z3 compact tab. I was initially looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, but for some reason, the second iteration turned out to be bigger than the original Tab S. The Z3 tab on the other hand is smaller and lighter. I never owned a Sony tablet in the past, so I didn't really know what to expect.

I spent the evening downloading the apps for the tablet and signing into my accounts. And the Sony proprietary keyboard was awful. Fleksy soon fixed that. So, I will test driving this new baby tomorrow. It felt faster than the Nexus. Screen was brighter. And from what I've read, the battery should last longer as well.

I still a good case for it though... 

Haris Abdul Rahman